"3 Before 30" - PAPERBACK

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Many women have a desire to be married and have that “happily-ever-after life”…only once—not two, three, or more times.

While reflecting on her past, Alexandra shares her experiences as she went from being a misguided young woman to the blossomed, unapologetic woman of God she is today.

In this eye-opening novel, she unveils—with clarity and transparency—her unadulterated truths as to why she chose the three men she married. She provides an in-depth description of not one...not two…but three past marriages, how she felt in each period of her life, and how each relationship impacted her viewpoint on marriage now.

Within its pages, 3 Before 30 stresses the importance of finding and healing oneself before making the life-altering decision to say “I Do”. Led by the Holy Spirit, Alexandra pens her personal spiritual processes leading to wholeness, restoration, and forgiveness. Scriptures are used to help illuminate the pathway to understanding and to motivate others to seek God on their own.

3 Before 30 expresses how spiritual maturity is necessary in order to be prepared for a God-ordained marriage. This book is intended to inspire everyone—single or married—and reemphasize that past mistakes are life lessons intended to encourage growth.


"3 Before 30" - HARDBACK

ONLY $20.00 Through April 11, 2018

(Will be $25.00)