The "Newness Of It..."

By Angela R. Edwards

​(c) January 7, 2018

"God has placed the seed of greatness in you before you were formed in your mother’s womb. Jeremiah 1:3 As well as the spirit of excellence. His excellence is doing it his way, decent and in order. Well done keep it up."

~ Minister Aaron Weaver, 1/22/18 ~

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Do you sometimes hear people refer to "the newness of..."? Take a moment to think about your personal "newness" moments. When you enter a NEW space (i.e. home, church, restaurant, school, etc.), you are in a space you have never occupied before. You stop and take a moment—just a moment—to absorb your surroundings until you find your peace and comfort. You absorb until you have, in essence, become one with that space.

So, what happens after you have connected? What are the expectations that ride piggy-back with connecting?

As humans, we have a need to "belong". We may find ourselves "belonging" to a particular people, place, or thing. That sense of belonging provides comfort and a connection that we value—whether short- or long-term. In time, we may even find simplicity in disconnecting after that person, place, or thing has served its purpose in our lives. The Holy Bible states there is a season for everything(not just SOME things) under the sun (see Ecclesiastes 3).

Personal Reflection: As long ago as it was, I will never forget (Lord willing!) the day I entered the public school system. Up to that point, I was enrolled in a private K-12 Christian school. I was a young child then, yet I found myself learning and excelling in high school academics. The 'young Angela' was like a sponge; full of knowledge, working through Algebraic equations with relative ease, and winning Spelling Bee contests against much-older the age of FOUR! As such, when the time came to enter public school and I was tested for placement, I "skipped" first grade and immediately progressed to second grade. Talk about "passing GO"! I hopped, skipped, flew, and jumped over it!

Moving along with the story...

I was definitely in unfamiliar territory. My childhood friends and my "norm" were back at the private school. I was thrust into a rather intimidating space. The school itself was (in my eyes) ENORMOUS! Most of the students were my size—unlike those at the private school with teens who rubbed elbows with 'young Angela'. Oh my GOODNESS! So many changes! Still... I was BLESSED with a teacher by the name of Mrs. Jackson who saw the 'best in me' and nurtured my learning experience with my "new" peers who were ALL at least one year older than I was. All that I envisioned I had left behind was replaced by "the newness of" it all. As a child, I had to use what little bit of God-given wisdom I had to embrace, absorb, and get comfortable QUICKLY in that space because THAT was my "new"! I had no choice in the matter. This very day, I remain grateful for my parents' gentle shove into that "new".

Where do you find yourself today? Are you still trudging through unfamiliar territory? Are you still seeking clarification on how to embrace "the newness of" it all?

Follow these easy steps: Take the time to BREATHE. Enjoy the moment. Celebrate it. Face it head on. Embrace it. Then, prepare yourself for the NEXT "new".

Rest assured: It's coming and has YOUR name written all over it!