Heartbreak. Toxic relationships. Failure. Sexual assault. Loss.

How do you remain joyful in the face of life's adversities?

How do you find the strength to withstand the enemy's attacks?

Meet Mishia Bee, Fatima, Jasmine T., Chavon, JessMarie, and Jasmine H.—the smiling faces of "Behind the Smile."

This jaw-dropping, page-turning anthology is filled with a variety of relatable emotions. You are sure to cringe and cry—and then celebrate! As you read, you will connect with women who bravely and transparently share their collective truths: Life's most chaotic moments now serve a greater purpose!

It has been said, "You never know what someone is going through." In this eye-opening novella, there are no holds barred. You will walk the walk with each of the women as they pour into your spirit just a snippet of the horrifying tales of their lives. By the end, each story will empower you to be stronger and more courageous than your "yesterday"!


"Behind the Smile"

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