BATTLE-SCARS:  Broken. Depressed. Misused. Rejected.

Those WERE some of the pains endured by the women of “God Says I am Battle-Scar Free.”


Those ARE the promises of God used to express where those same women are today!

In this fourth installment of the Battle-Scar Free series, 20 women pour words of encouragement into the lives of the readers. Their transparent testimonies are compelling, with each word purposefully-penned to speak to the hearts, minds, and souls of others who are victims or survivors of abuse. For many authors, their healing continues; yet they found the strength to share their painstaking processes leading up to their survival.

These women overcame—and you can, too! God has kept you for such a time as this!

No longer shall the children of God be subjected to a life He never intended. God loves us more than we could EVER love ourselves. It is His heart’s desire that we be loved FULLY by others…not abused by them.


God Says I am Battle-Scar Free:

Testimonies of Abuse Survivors - Part Four

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