Everyone dreams of a fairy-tale marriage, but with today's challenges and pressures, that dream seems impossible. But God is capable of the impossible!

Letter To My Wife comes across as a personal anecdote, but it is laced with biblical teachings in a unique and relatable story written in letter form. The book's intent is to connect with husbands facing challenges in their marriage, encourage them, and give them strength to stand. Rest assured: God's promise of restoration, renewal, and growth in marriage IS possible!

Letter To My Wife is a Christian fiction story and collection of thoughts and musings from a steadfast praying husband, as it teaches many lessons along the way including patience, faith, trust, obedience, humility, growth, and dependence on God. No matter how He works out our situation, we can be assured that it will be for His glory—turning our test into a testimony!

Letter To My Wife is the second part of a book series written by Yvonne Thomas Duhon, and will take you on a journey through the eyes of the husband as he relays his personal thoughts on the challenges and triumphs of his marriage. Be sure to read Book One, Letter To My Husband  (written through the eyes of the wife), if you haven't already!


"Letter To My Wife"

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