"New Me, New You"
By Marlowe R. Scott
(c) January 5, 2018

"This Thing Called Love"

By Marlowe R. Scott

(c) February 14, 2018

"Love the poem Mom Marlowe Scott!  Simple but in depth."

~ Alexandra Esperance, 1/5/18 ~

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"Enjoyed sharing!"

~ Marlowe Scott, 2/14/18 ~

New me, New you.
Who knows what you and I can do?
New days, New nights.
Opportunities to exercise our rights.
New teams, New dreams.
Working them out by all good means.
New energy, New courses.
Forever expanding our resources.
New desires, New FIRE.
To reach those GOALS to which WE ASPIRE!

Volumes have been written
About this thing called "Love".
Many have been love-bug bitten,
And now can't think clearly and are dreamy!
Sometimes, love may grow;
Sometimes, it ceases to be.
Whatever the case for you,
Here are sincere wishes for memories galore!
Because as the saying goes,
"It is better to have LOVED
Than not to have LOVED at all!"