Change is inevitable. It is both a positive and beneficial part of life. There is always something that can be changed for the betterment of our existence. Learning how to move forward and grow through the process associated with life's developmental phases is imperative. There are also negative aspects of our lives that can use improvement. They include old habits, negative behaviors, and toxic influences.

What to do if change does not come as quickly as we'd like? Are we prepared to wait for the process to work its way through, anticipating the transformation that is on the other side?

Meeting People Where They Are addresses the topic of change. It provides a comprehensive understanding of the realization that only God can change us from the inside out—in His perfect timing and His perfect way. Prepare to take a journey through love, relationships, trust, faith, and reliance on God. Get familiar with these fundamental facets required in our spiritual growth, development, and (of course) change!


"Meeting People Where They Are"

ONLY $7.00 Through March 28, 2018

(Will be $15.00)