From Pieces to Peace

Walk the journey to DELIVERANCE from a homosexual lifestyle with Author Tanya Meade as she shares her testimony of being released...after 32 years of bondage.

Confessions of a Beauty Diva

Making her way to the top of

the beauty industry, Kie

has some confessions she

needs to make first!

Spiritual Growth

progresses through the author's life while encouraging others to be be blessed by living a Christian Life.

Fearless Woman

The true-life story of a

formerly-abused pastor's wife - but she is FEARLESS today and tells her story of how she survived as

only she can.

God Says I am Battle-Scar Free - Part 2

10 Abuse Survivor Testimonies -  from women AND men - all professing the love and protection of God as to how they SURVIVED!

God, Please Send Me a Prom Date

Faith is at the forefront on this

wonderful story. Experience life

through the eyes of the author

and fun characters as they all learn:

Faith in God is essential!

Blooming Into Your Purpose

4 Authors. 4 Powerful BLOOMING stories. These women are walking in their purpose. BE ENCOURAGED! Get YOUR breakthrough!

Authenticity Matters

Real and raw stories that cut to the core of 'Self'. Learn who you are and that you are absolutely necessary!

Taking the Kingdom by Storm

Godly marriages are NOT null and void; they exist and are THRIVING! Tools to defeat the enemy and awesome ideas for those who are dating are waiting for YOU!

HERSTORY Reveals His Glory

MYstory. YOURstory. OURstory.

HERstory. We all have one. What's yours?

The Woman Behind the Mask

14 Authors. 14 Amazing UNMASKING stories. It's time for YOU to unmask and know the meaning of being authentic in Christ!

Poetic Pearls & Gems With Purpose

10 Authors. Over 25 life-changing and soul-stirring poems. Get what God has just for YOU!

The Real ME eXperience for

MOMS Devotional Journal

Moms are God's first gift to

her children.

21 Days Journal

Do a mental reset.  See past your circumstances, navigate through the fog, and begin to LIVE and THRIVE!

Never Alone

The author shares inspiration found in being alone with Jesus by creatively applying and using God's creation, music, and other outlets when fellowshipping with Him.

RAIKO- A book fully-illustrated in vibrant colors that addresses the sensitive topic of bullying. Great for ALL ages!

God Says I am Battle-Scar Free - Part 3

10 Abuse Survivor Testimonies -  from women AND men - all professing the love and protection of God as to how they SURVIVED!

Autism & Us

Two brothers (ages 7 & 9)

tell their story of life with

autism to raise awareness.


My Fight With God

A tell-all autobiography written by and FOR single mothers. Be empowered today!

The Real ME eXperience for MOMS Prayer Journal

Thank you, Lord, for Moms

that pray.

Infidelity: The Roots of a Broken Man

A book written with both men AND women in mind, it addresses a topic head-on that is taboo: Infidelity. STOP searching elsewhere for love and acceptance and START living!

Transition to Freedom

The continuation of Fearless Woman. Is her transition complete? Is she free from her abusive ex-husband - who was also her Pastor?

Worth the Journey

Three Time Best-Selling Author Marlowe R. Scott's trilogy. All three best-sellers in ONE BOOK! Makes a GREAT GIFT, too! Browse her other titles above.

Prayers of a Single Mom

A compilation of heartfelt prayers written by single moms for single moms.

Believing Without Seeing

Do you really need to see to believe? NO! Learn what faith is and how to use its power!

Identifying the Woman Hidden

14 women. 14 new stories of women "unmasking" and living their lives out loud and authentically. Be encouraged by their testimonies of how GOD helped them in order to help YOU!

Prepare to Meet Your Maker

GET ready and STAY ready for

Jesus Christ's inevitable return with this POWERFUL message of salvation! 

God, Please Send Me a Prom Date (Pt 2)

The story continues as the characters fully embrace God's lovingkindness, mercy, and grace. After all, God is LOVE!

Blooming Into Your Purpose:

Out of the Ashes Into the Son

8 Authors. 8 Impactful Stories. Be ENCOURAGED to BLOOM into YOUR purpose by theses powerful testimonies!




From the Well of My Heart Springs

Oceans of Inspiration

A devotional that will motivate your ability to face the truth and force you to become the master of your own destination without apology.

Worth the Journey

Three Time Best-Selling Author Marlowe R. Scott's trilogy. All three best-sellers in ONE BOOK! Makes a GREAT GIFT, too! Browse her other titles above.

Do You Love Me?

Your relationship with the Lord will be challenged while you are  encouraged to continue your pursuit of Jesus Christ's love!



Living for Jesus Until He Returns

Grow your faith! Mentor a new Christian! The articles cover the basics of Christian living.

Jesus is coming back - and soon!

Lifting the Weight

An anthology composed of triumphant celebrations over tragedy while encouraging you to trust your own process.

Best Sellers, Specials,  &  More!

Diary of a Haitian Church Girl

Geared towards young ladies, this book encourages readers to use their voice and no longer be VICTIM to silence.

An easy read for ages 12 to adult!

Keeping It Real

This story gives assurance that by believing in Jesus and following Scripture, there is a definite reward for those who choose to press on.

The Pieces of ME

An autobiographical journal designed to encourage the readers to take a journey with the writer; one that will ultimately allow them to tell their own story. 

Hello, My Friend

A book that will speak to the hearts of individuals who are contemplating suicide. Know there is hope...there is a future.


A Story of Hate, Love, and Faith

After being attacked physically, mentally, and spiritually for MANY years, Darlene is now a survivor and champion for Christ! 

In a World of People, I Stand Alone

Walk with Sheri as she tells of her journey of being diagnosed with non-military related PTSD while,

at the same time, raising

an autistic child.

God Says I Am Battle-Scar Free

Abuse doesn't live here anymore.

Read true life stories told by women

who overcame abuse in various forms.

Party of One

Avoid the pitfalls of being a Christian single in a secular world by reading the biblically-based insights and author's experiences.

Samuel's Journey

Travel the historic Underground Railroad with young Samuel, a boy born in the late 18th Century. Fun and engaging for ALL ages!