"Someone Special:

Yesterday, Today and Forever"
ONLY $10.99 through October 10 , 2018
(Will be $14.99)


10 - 24: $10.59 each (plus tax and s/h)

25+ : $9.99 each (plus tax and s/h)


Someone Special: Yesterday, Today and Foreverwas designed for children ages 6 through 12, as well as for younger children with the support of "someone special" who will read the book to them. Sometimes, life's challenges require some special adjustments in our families when we face the loss of "Someone Special". Although our special family member is no longer with us, their memory can last forever.

The purpose for this children's book is to provide a resource for children who experienced the loss of a significant loved one. The book embraces what they may experience immediately afterwards, including their emotions, support from family and community resources, attending a funeral, and offers pages to write and draw about their special loved one.

Most young children and teens receive very little information about the loss of a significant loved one. Many adults have confided that they just do not know what to say to them. Someone Special: Yesterday, Today and Forever was inspired to provide this service to children to ensure their questions are answered, too!

Special thanks to my grandchildren, Gianna and Peter, who loved their mother dearly! They provided their insight in writing the book and created all the illustrations. Through the eyes and minds of children, adults can accomplish significant things. I love you Gianna, Peter, Brielle, Levi, Emry, and Jewel.

I specifically want to glorify my Heavenly Father in Jesus' name for guiding me every step of the way. Without You, I cannot do anything! I love You "Yesterday, Today and Forever"!