"Straight Up From the Teacup"

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Toni Tells It Like It Is!

In Straight Up From the Teacup, Author Toni Dupree prompts you to take a closer look inside yourself to get to the "Tea of the Matter". If you desire to have great things come your way, being able to recognize greatness begins with YOU. Toni speaks to THAT person; the GREAT person that may be resting in a dormant state just waiting for you to rise out of mediocrity.

As you read, questions may arise such as:

What makes me interesting to others?

What am I doing that attracts a particular type of person?

Why don't I feel good about a specific situation?

That type of self-reflection is a key element as it relates to the purpose of Straight Up From the Teacup. Toni lays it all on the line, all in an effort to IGNITE the "FIYA" in you to begin a dialogue with yourself that will evoke a deeper understanding of, well...YOURSELF!

Toni Tells It Like It Is...and YOU can, too!