"The Roots of Infidelity Go DEEEEP"
ONLY $25.00 through March 7, 2018
(Will be $32.00)


Meet Joseph, a man much like many other men you know today. He’s loving, charming, eager to please…and full of issues from his past. Navigating his way through life, his encounters with others along the way have been impactful—and all were not pleasant experiences. Without initially taking into consideration the plights of others, Joseph soon recognized how many of his friends—both male and female—were carrying baggage from their pasts, too. Joseph’s circle of friends is fraught with crises, and their troubles intertwine with his own. From sexual abuse to physical and mental abuse, each has dealt with something that built a bridge specifically designed for infidelity to cross over. Lust, greed, envy, and pride are just a few areas many people struggle with. The inevitable outcomes weave a web that is nearly impossible from which to escape.

The Roots of Infidelity Go DEEEEP is exciting, eye-opening, eerie, unforgettable, and (above all else) REAL in its purest form. It is a novel that will leave you gasping for air within each chapter and awake until the wee hours of the morning wondering: Did I make the correct choice to stay in my relationship? Dig DEEEEP to understand if you truly know the one you lay next to at night. Be inspired to see things for what they are—not for what others want you to see!

"The Roots of Infidelity Go DEEEEP"
ONLY $15.00 through March 7, 2018
(Will be $20.00)